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This is your safe place- your place to find practical solutions and gain an understanding of the complexities of life.

The Kingdom Life Community is...

  • A place to understand the kingdom of God
  • A place to connect and re-connect together with God's purpose for this season of life
  • A place to bring you back to God and strengthen your relationship with him
  • We challenge you to maintain the walk with God while learning and growing

The Kingdom Life Community is a place to connect with like-minded people! 

The purpose of The Kingdom Life Community is to give you a place where you feel comfortable asking questions to find the answers to life's difficult questions.

The Kingdom Life Community provides you with a Monthly Focus to enrich your understanding

Apostle Eric Warren will deliver the following...

Guided Sermon

Weekly Passages

Monthly Mentoring Call

Occasional Guest Speakers

It is time to submit your life to the Lord – live the kingdom life!


Meet Apostle Eric Warren

Founder of the Equippers City Church ministries and Eric L. Warren Ministries. His ministries are committed to develop and release men and women of spiritual maturity so that they will represent Christ in the earth. Apostle Warren holds degrees in Sociology, Philosophy, and Theology.

Called and commissioned as a Pastor, Teacher, and Apostle, Apostle Warren is appreciated for his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and keen insight into the Word of God. Having served in ministry for five decades, he has been graced by God with a father’s heart and the ability to train and develop leaders for effective and excellent service in the Body of Christ. His leadership development class called Body Builders has produced many competent leaders who currently serve the body of Christ and the marketplace with excellence and integrity. He is the author of four books, including “Character, The Path that God Walks”, and “Ten Times Better” which have received excellent reviews.

Apostle Warren has been married to his wife Carolyn for over 50 years and they have three adult daughters, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. They recently relocated to Charlotte, N.C. from Columbus, Oh.

Apostle Eric Warren is a kingdom resource and continues to create resources to equip the body of Christ.

I have had the honor of sitting under Apostle Warren's teachings in a variety of capacities and have become better because of them. Whether sitting in a meeting or training, reading one of his books, or watching a webinar, one thing is constant; I leave these moments further equipped for the work of the ministry.

– Spring Humme Minister, San Diego, CA

Apostle Eric Warren is a visionary who pushes you to the heights of your greatest potential.

I have had the privilege to participate in his webinars, classes, and training from his books. In all of those encounters, I have experienced transformational takeaways which allow me to be more successful in business and everyday life. His teachings are biblically focused, practical, and integrate tools to become the best version of yourself. With his direction, instruction, and training I have experienced increased confidence, faith to do what seems to be impossible, and the desire to strive to walk in greater authority.

– Ebony Tye, Business Owner, Columbus, OH

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Every month you will be guided through the monthly focus theme, which includes...

  • A weekly guidance email so you know exactly what to dive into for the week, upcoming events, and other spiritual guidance
  • A guided sermon on the theme
  • Weekly passages in the word
  • A monthly mentoring call on the focused topic
  • Occasional guest speakers

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