Welcome to Eric Warren Ministries 

A place to receive biblical revelation, strategies for transformation, and practical life keys for growing and maturing.

Providing the tools and wisdom to help you live the life that God intended for you.

This is your safe place- your place to find practical solutions and gain an understanding of the complexities of life.

The Kingdom Life Community is...

  • A place to understand the kingdom of God
  • A place to connect and re-connect together with God's purpose for this season of life
  • A place to bring you back to God and strengthen your relationship with him
  • We challenge you to maintain the walk with God while learning and growing

The Kingdom Life Community is a place to connect with like-minded people! 

The purpose of The Kingdom Life Community is to give you a place where you feel comfortable asking questions to find the answers to life's difficult questions.


Hello, my name is Eric L. Warren. For the past forty-plus years, I have served as a leader in the marketplace, in the body of Christ, and as a spiritual father, mentor, and leadership strategist.

Like many of you, I grew up going to Church with my Mother and Grandmother. But after so many years attending Church, I discovered as a young adult that I knew very little about the Bible and even less about how to apply it to my life. Beyond the plan of salvation, I was clueless. Furthermore, I watched in dismay as my Mother and Grandmother struggled with issues of life that I assumed should have been addressed through their relationship with God. Needless to say, I was frustrated and discouraged by my lack of understanding about my faith.

Furthermore, I watched in dismay as my mother, and grandmother attended Church faithfully but struggled to survive the rigors of day-to-day life.


Are you looking for a mentor or coach that can help you to maximize your personal and professional potential by introducing you to spiritual growth principles?

Are you hitting roadblocks or feeling stuck in your spiritual journey?  Are you in need of guidance from a spiritual father with more than 45 years in ministry? 

Then you've come to the right place and I'm excited to assist.  I have mentored hundreds of emerging leaders, and I'd be interested in helping you as well.

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Apostle Eric Warren is a kingdom resource and continues to create resources to equip the body of Christ.

I have had the honor of sitting under Apostle Warren's teachings in a variety of capacities and have become better because of them. Whether sitting in a meeting or training, reading one of his books, or watching a webinar, one thing is constant; I leave these moments further equipped for the work of the ministry.

The wisdom I have gleaned from his teachings echoes loudly as I journey along The Way. I often think his picture could be next to the words wisdom, integrity, and character in the dictionary. Apostle Eric Warren represents The King and The Kingdom well and is raising up more of the same breed every time he opens up his mouth. He is a general in the faith!

– Spring Humme Minister, San Diego, CA

Nine years ago, I walked into a meeting with Apostle Eric Warren and left a completely different person.

January 9th, 2012 is the day I accepted my life purpose, mission, and true calling. What was scheduled to be a one-hour meeting, turned into a three-out spiritually therapeutic, life-altering encounter. He literally read my life’s mail. For years I longed and searched for a man to be more than a friend and a mentor. I needed a father to mold and shape me for the path the Lord has called me to walk.  Since that day, my life and identity have been transformed. Apostle Warren’s influence goes beyond words. He is committed to helping true seekers of truth and purpose live their best lives in Christ. I’m proud to call him my spiritual father, and highly endorse his ministry to all who seek accountability, transformation, and hard truth.

– Tom Edwards, PhD, Lead Pastor, Equippers City Church Director, RESTORE Whitehall

Eric L. Warren is a phenomenal communicator who is gifted in taking complex subjects and simplifying them.

He is a “Master Teacher of the Bible.” His insight and wisdom touch the heart and impacts the mind of his students and results in transformation. He is also a successful businessman, an organizational strategist, and a leadership coach who shares his wealth of knowledge in those respective fields when he teaches. Whether he is instructing an in-person class, doing a Facebook live on social media, preaching on a Sunday morning or you are reading his latest book you will walk away changed.

– Carolyn A. Warren, Empowerment Coach & Author,  Charlotte, NC

Apostle Eric Warren is a visionary who pushes you to the heights of your greatest potential.

I have had the privilege to participate in his webinars, classes, and training from his books. In all of those encounters, I have experienced transformational takeaways which allow me to be more successful in business and everyday life. His teachings are biblically focused, practical, and integrate tools to become the best version of yourself. With his direction, instruction, and training I have experienced increased confidence, faith to do what seems to be impossible, and the desire to strive to walk in greater authority.

– Ebony Tye, Business Owner, Columbus, OH