Meet Apostle Eric Warren 

Apostle Warren is a unique visionary and builder of people and kingdom entities.

Eric L. Warren is a natural and spiritual father, author, entrepreneur, church planter, and transformational trainer. As a spiritual leader, he has birthed a thriving church, helped others plant churches, trained numerous leaders, activated latent gifts and anointing, and served as a mentor and motivator for maximizing personal potential.

As an entrepreneur, he has birthed successful businesses, and trained others in the king/priest pattern of biblical economics so that they could break the spirit of poverty and learn how to be successful in their marketplace assignments.

Known affectionately by his followers as “Apostle Warren”, he has demonstrated a clear mandate, locally, nationally, and internationally, “equip the saints for the work of the ministry”. God has graced him with a father’s heart and the ability to train and develop leaders for effective and excellent service. He has ordained 35 plus ministers of the Gospel and continues to train and release men, women, and youth to walk in their God-ordained destiny.

Apostle Warren is a unique visionary and builder of people and kingdom entities. His scribal grace has enabled him to author several books and manuals with two books becoming study texts for leaders and laity alike. These volumes are: “The Seven Spirits of God” and “Character: The Path that God Walks”.

Through the work of Eric Warren Ministries, Apostle Warren is able to “repair breaches and restore paths to dwell in” (Isaiah 58:12). His life-long commitment is to communicate Biblical principles that facilitate change, transformation and Christ-likeness in the people of God. As a course developer and teacher. Apostle Warren has developed several classes to help equip people with practical keys to successful living in the sanctuary and the marketplace.

Do you have the desire to live an authentic life based upon truth? Well so do I. As a matter of fact, I’ve been on this quest for about 50 years. My journey began studying philosophy in undergrad and continues today as I immerse myself in the always reliable text of the Holy Bible and any other medium that will keep me on the path to right living.

For over 40 years, I have read, researched, and studied an abundance of authors that I consider to be carriers of wisdom. My primary text has always been the Holy Bible because I’ve found that the foundation of all truth in principle and practice can be found within its pages. Aside from my own personal quest, I have always desired to communicate what I have learned to others in simple, practical ways.

Consequently, after acquiring such a wealth of practical insight about how to live a productive and fulfilling life, I’ve determined to share what I’ve learned in books, podcasts, webinars and live trainings, that are life changing.

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